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Jon's Pizza Shop

Pizza is something that has been a part of Jon’s work for many years, so we thought it represented the perfect story, bringing together the community building aspect of NFTs through a traditional sharing dish like pizza. 

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Scope of Work

  • Taiko worked closely with UK-born, New York-based artist Jon Burgerman, to specially generate 6,666 unique pizza slice NFTs on Solana. 

  • Jon’s collection included 120+ attributes in total, and consumers were not only able to buy and sell any one of them, but were also able to collect six slices – which all had to share one attribute – to create one full pie that then became their very own, distinct pizza NFT. As such, this became the first-ever combinable NFT available on Solana. 


  • Launched Jon’s Pizza Shop website with information on the team, attributes, project roadmap, and FAQs

  • Drafted and published official media press releases, including features on Highsnobiety and Streetartnews

  • Filmed and edited teaser videos, with exclusive interview content and animations for Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram

  • Collaborated with global brands and art galleries to drive project reach online and offline, as well as partnered with notable NFT projects across social media platforms

  • Managed influencer posts and promotions

  • Oversaw Twitter and Discord channels, with Jon joining in periodically to host Twitter Spaces and AMAs to generate high engagement and interest throughout the project

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